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Quality (7)

Quality of Products and Processes is a given! It has to be there for an entry in to the Global supply chain! But, The Indian Manufacturing is still struggling with the consistency in Quality!

Ford, Ohno and Goldratt – A saga to improve production. By T.M.Talaulikar                 Mr.Talaulikar is a BE Honours (Mechanical) from BITS, Pilani. He was trained in Theory of Constraints at the Avraham Goldratt Institute, UK.,Production Management at Toyota Motor Corporation, Operations Management at University of Warwickshire coursethrough CII. He worked in companies like Rane Engine valves, Toyota Kirloskar auto parts, Neuland laboratories etc in Operations, Sales, Strategy and as Profit centre head. Here, he is writing about Drum, Buffer and Rope! Read further to understand what it is.. Introduction: It is easy to trace the popularity of the Lean Production System to Toyota’s success. Toyota’s success is undeniable. It now makes more cars than traditional industry leader-GM- and does it while making profits. The success of Toyota is fully attributed to Lean or the Toyota Production System (TPS). The stated number one challenge of the Toyota management is to pass on the TPS to the next generation as the company’s DNA. Given that Toyota is the flagship of Japan’s industry, one should expect Lean/TPS would be widely implemented in the Japanese industry. Surprisingly this is not the case. It is commonly known…
Good Maintenance Practices By Balaji Radhakrishnan BalajiRadhakrishnan is a B.E with more than 25 years of rich experience in Plant Maintenance. He worked for companies like Asian Bearings limited, Fenner India limited, EID Parry limited, Rane Brake linings limited before coming to his present company Elgi Equipments limited. Balaji is a passionate TPM , TQM practitioner. He was part of the team that won Deming Prize in Rane Brake Lining limited. Here, he is sharing his version of the “Good Maintenance Practices”. I would like to share the “Good Maintenance Practices” and how it is being adopted in day to day industrial life. From Business perceptive, Maintenance plays the critical role and the impact on Asset Management is so important for Organization Say Example: Sales – Variable cost = Contribution of the Product Contribution of the Product – Fixed Cost = Profit before Tax Profit before Tax – Depreciation = Profit after Tax. The above said calculation is deciding the performance of organization and it is being published in website/ Annual reports,but the reality in the machine shop floorsaresomething different. Say example Depreciation could be calculated in terms of straight line methods of 10% depreciated and year on year or…
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