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Monday, 06 October 2014 00:00

Best Practice Sharing: Effective implementation of systems – Shop floor approach

Written by  R.Damodar Rao
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Best Practice Sharing: Effective implementation of systems – Shop floor approach

By R.Damodar Rao


I started my career as a shop floor supervisor way back 1995 and at present working as a UNIT Head in one of the reputed organization in India. In my 20 years journey towards establishing myself as competent manufacturing manager I have been  “seasoned” with different type of cultures, people across the regions.

In general, in most of the companies “PEOPLE” (I mean “White collar employees”) will talk a lot in conference halls but they failed to verify what was happening in shop floor –actually where the product is getting manufactured.  This could be because of two reasons – 1). Lack of time 2). Take it as a granted. According to me European countries are very good in implementation of systems,  they will take lot of time for framing systems but once they decided they will implement in true spirit. In India we are quite opposite to this, we hurry in to making systems and unfortunately systems will collapse in same fashion.

What I learnt from my experience is that, only one thing differentiating us from European community. And that is “lack of discipline”. This discipline comes from our “attitude& commitment” towards our day to day work. The TOP management commitment is very essential. But we need not keep blaming on it every day.  Let us forget about what others are not doing and start doing something new every day. If you have this attitude it is very easy to implement systems in shop floor!

Typical shop floor people always chasethe daily numbers instead of establishing systems.  We must believe that we will get numbers automatically if system is in place! Well proven systems like LEAN, TQM, TPM, SIX SIGMA, QFD,& WCM etc will give EXCELLENT benefits in longer run if you are disciplined enough to implement across the shop floor through team work.

I learnt a lot and was instrumental in implementation of each one of above mentioned systems across the companies like RANE BRAKE LININGS LIMITED (LEAN & TQM), OMAX AUTOS LIMITED (QFD), GENERAL OPTICS (ASIA) LTD (TPM) & SAINT GOBAIN GLASS INDIA LTD (SIX SIGMA, TPM. WCM). At the same time we as a team have faced challenges too in implementation but fortunately we had good leaders at TOP level who supported us.

I have summarized all my learnings in to following KEY SUCCESS FACTORS for better understanding.

05 KEY FACTORS for successful implementation of systems in Shop floor are…

1). Attitude and commitment - We must have “URGE” internally to do something new.

2). Lead by example – We must be a Role model in shop floor

3). Selecting Right Person for Right Job: We need “GO GETTERS” not “FOLLOWERS”.

4). Effective Communication: 90% of Indian companies fail in systems implementation because of poor communication.

5). Recognition and Reward: This is very important because we have to differentiate “PERFORMERS” and “OTHERS”.

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