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Services from 'The Indian' team

Business Systems Management

Indian Manufacturing companies need to have strong foundation in Systems which will improve Organizational efficiency. Without a strong foundation, the growth gives rise to chaos in various areas of Management and ultimately results in lowering profits due to rise of inefficiency.

Eliminating waste is an essential requirement for Indian Manufacturing companies to provide Cost effective solutions to the Customer. The waste elimination is needed not only in Manufacturing activities but also in ALL activities of an organization including the White collar activities. There is a huge potential for improving Manpower Productivity in ALL areas of a Company.

Training the People in the Business Systems and ensuring that the systems are followed consistently is an important issue.

The Indian Manufacturing Efficient Business Model (Pdf)

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World Class Quality Management

Many Indian Companies are struggling with the task of improving the Quality of their products and processes to meet the ever growing requirement of the Customers worldwide. Those who have improved are still struggling with maintaining the higher standards consistently.

Improving the Standards in the organization is very important in this regard.

The last mile in the efforts to improve Quality is the Human being in the process. Unless the people are trained and are given an enabling environment, the improvement achieved can be short lived.

World Class Quality Management (Pdf)

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Market Development

Indian Companies need to safeguard their Indian market share and at the same time utilize the opportunities that are available in the overseas markets. Indian Companies need to understand these markets, adapt their products to the needs of these markets, handle multi-cultural issues etc.

Improving the people involved in these activities is a very important agenda for any company. The People have to raise the standards of the processes to meet the needs of an International customer.

China is a huge market for many of the Indian Companies. Understanding and developing the China market for Indian products is a Service that is on offer.

Market Development(Pdf)

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Coaching as a concept is very old in the world. But, in India it is being increasingly used to help the Senior Executives and Entrepreneurs in the last few years! Nothing works better than a Senior Executive who worked in the industry for a long time helping out these senior people! The personal attention that the Coach gives the Senior employee is invaluable and very often gives excellent results!

Coaching the Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurs are naturally good at Instinctively finding out which Products are suitable to the markets, Introducing a Product in a limited Geographical area and selling with personal relationships and growing the Company up to a certain size.

As the Business starts growing, they struggle with some of the following issues :

  • Setting medium term / Annual goals for the Company.
  • Managing the large team of employees.
  • Introducing some basic systems in the Company.
  • Marketing of Products in a larger Geographical area.
  • Finding out Products suitable to a larger market.
  • Delegation of Powers.
  • Standardizing the routine tasks
  • Some Behavioural issues like lack of assertiveness, being highly emotional etc which differ from person to person.

The Entrepreneur needs to learn some of the Managerial Skills. He /She needs to learn how to get the work done in a somewhat larger environment than what he/she is used to.

Coaching Entrepreneurs(Pdf)

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Coaching the Executives

Business Opportunities are there for everyone in the World of Business. Only those who have Competent People can exploit these Opportunities.Every Company has their share of People who can do ‘more’ in the Company.

These Employees many times can do with some help to deliver their 100% to the Company.This Is where the Executive Coach comes in. The Coach is used by the Organization to ensure that the Employee is supported well and is helped to get to the next level.

Unlike any other type of Training, Coaching helps the Executive to learn while working. Due to its unique ‘one to one’ nature, it accords a high level of respect to the Employee concerned.

Coaching Executives (Pdf)

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Double your People Productivity!!

In many of the Indian Companies the Salary and Wage bill is way too high! Companies can ill afford this especially in today’s environment of low economic growth!

Shop floor Productivity

Some of the Indian companies have implemented Lean practices on the shop floor and achieved major improvement in Labour Productivity. But, still most of the Companies have not implemented Lean practices and resultantly stuck with very low productivities. Unless the Companies improve their Productivities, they cannot give good Wages to the Shop floor employees! The Indian Manufacturing team is widely experienced in Lean Manufacturing Practices and can help you double your Labour Productivities!

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White Collar Productivity

The Productivity of the Workmen on the shop floor is very often is focused and improved ! But, a Company spends much more on the Staff category ! Are the systems in the Company adequate to take the best out of these Staff? Are so many staff required ? The Indian has proven process to address this issue ! The Staff have to be made much more productive. This is the key to managing the Manpower Cost !

Double your productivity (Pdf)

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Talent Development

The times are gone when you could hire people by the dozens! Now, the focus is on acquiring the best and training them to take care of all the needs of the job!

Talent acquisition

The Indian also helps the companies to recruit mid to senior level people in the Companies. Having the right people is very critical to keeping the People costs lower. The Indian keeps in touch with the employees it helped to recruit up to 6 months after the recruitment. This is to ensure that the new employee is settling down in the company in a good manner.

Talent Acquisition (Pdf)

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Effective Functional Manager

The Functional Managers needs to acquire all the functional skills that are required for them to work effectively. One needs to know what skills are required for the Functional Managers. The Indian can train the Functional managers in the functional skills and ensure that they use these skills in improving the processes at the Company. The focus is on learning the concepts in a gradual manner and apply them to the work to get better results ! The training is designed to suit the Individual companies!

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Empowered Work Teams

The shop floor employees can do much more than what they are made out to do on a regular basis! Empowered Work Teams are the way to go! Shop floor Employees can take up more responsibilities for regular activities like Production, Quality and so on. This would leave the Engineers to do the work that really involves Engineering! The Indian team is highly experienced in implementing this concept in Manufacturing Companies.

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Leadership Development

To capitalise on the opportunities in the market, every company need to be highly efficient and its’ team members have to be best in class!! Indian Manufacturing Academy developed a unique Leadership model and an ‘on the job Leadership development’ methodology to address the needs of Leadership development in Companies.

Keeping in line with its 'philosophy of Leadership' @ All Levels, IMA undertakes leadership development for Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Managers and Supervisors.

IMAleadershipdev.pdf TCBL.pdf