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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 00:00

Thilip Indiran, Mumbai (Nominated by Sriram V)

Written by  The Indian
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Improving efficiency of people with the help of implementing systems is a priority in all the organizations in Indian Manufacturing. But, only a few companies are successful in making this happen. This is due to the fact that it is not easy to implement and sustain organizational initiatives (Like TQM, TPM, 6Sigma) It requires a firm commitment from the Management. Next to this , the most important thing is the quality of Co-ordinator for this activity.

Every company needs a full time co-ordinator for pushing the organizational initiatives. This is a very crucial position. The co-ordinator has to formulate a clear plan for implementation of the Organizational initiative. He has to deal with a wide variety of people from across the organization and across various levels of the organization. He has to be very patient and at the same time focused on the objective.

ThilipIndiran is one of such excellent  Co-ordinators ! Thilip is a B.Tech and an MBA. He is currently ‘Head – Manufacturing Excellence’ in Johnson Matthey. He worked in Danaher, Elgi in similar positions. Thilip contributed a lot to the progress of the Organizational initiatives in all the companies that he worked for. He is patient with people and helps them to absorb the change and get used to the new situation that is brought about by the Organizational initiative. His persistent efforts have yielded very good results.

By contributing to these organizational initiatives Thilip has contributed to the progress of many of the companies that he worked for. The fact that he had been working in the Organizational excellence area in his past 3 jobs is a testimonial for his expertise in this area.

People like Thilip are very critical to the Indian Manufacturing to make it to that next level!

Thilip is a true star of the Indian Manufacturing !! Keep going Thilip !!

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