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Wednesday, 01 October 2014 00:00

Subash Ramdoss, Coimbatore

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Most of the Managers in the Indian Manufacturing are good at working in a good system. They exploit the strengths of the system and produce results. The companies would need these Managers to create new systems in a few new areas. These areas may be the new plants that they have started or may be companies that they have taken over etc. Most of these Managers fail to do this. They cannot create new systems or even re-create the systems that they are following. Very few Managers are capable of creating something on their own. SubashRamdoss is one of this rare brand of Managers who can create systems and improve the performance of the Company. When Subashwas thrown in to a messy situation , he responded by creating a wonderful Manufacturing system and improving the Customer confidence manifold. He leads the team firmly and fairly. He is a great motivator of his team members. Subash’s way of working always generates kaizens in the area that he works in.

Subash is a true Star of Indian Manufacturing !! We are sure he has many more peaks to scale !! All the best Subash !!

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