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Saturday, 21 March 2015 00:00

Sriram, Coimbatore

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Many Manufacturing Companies recruit fresh Engineers.  Many of these Engineers bring fresh energy in to the companies. They bring in no baggage and perform with matchless vigour!

Sriram B. is one such Engineer! He joined Eltex Super Castings as a Graduate Engineer Trainee and contributed a lot to the Company in a short time. He participated in the ‘Work Management System’ launched by the company, contributed to spreading the good practices in the company. He worked with many Managers who are all elder to him and convinced them to practice the Work Management system principles. He is mentored and supported by the HR Manager, Selvaraju and the unit head Mr.Victor.

Sriram has gentle ways with assured results! He learnt the concepts of Work Management system very well and worked silently to promote it. He also started participating in Lean implementation in Eltex. He already started highlighting the improvement areas very well and we are sure he will contribute well to the Company!

Engineers like Sriram are the beacon of hope to the Indian Manufacturing to improve the productivities and efficiencies to the world class levels!!

Keep it up Sriram !!

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