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Saturday, 11 October 2014 00:00

Sivakumar Krishnamurthy

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Manufacturing Companies need to continuously save money on their operations. The biggest cost in any manufacturing is the cost of Input raw materials. Cost reduction on Input Raw materials becomes a very important subject for any Manufacturing company. 

With development of Internet, the globe has shrunk for the Sourcing manager in Manufacturing companies. He/She can access any supplier anywhere across the globe. But, still only the best of the Sourcing Managers can identify and access the cheapest sources in the world ! This requires a deep commitment on the part of the Sourcing Manager to chase down the suppliers across the globe, negotiate hard with them and deliver sizeable cost reductions for their companies!

Sivakumar Krishnamurthy is one such Sourcing Managers. Siva has done a great work for Elgi Equipments limited till a few years back when he left that company for better opportunities. Siva identified some of the cheapest sources across the world and developed excellent relationships with them. He has wonderful knowledge about the sources for many industrial parts. He dealt with different international cultures with his down to earth approach!! He is always on the lookout for that cheaper source! He never compromised on Quality while looking for cost reduction!

Siva saved Crores of rupees for the companies that he worked for. He adopted the “Total Cost of Ownership” approach to look for cost reduction opportunities. Siva is very persistent in his approach and chases down everyone concerned to complete the Cost reduction projects on time. Sourcing managers like Siva are great assets to any manufacturing company!

Siva is a valuable star of Indian manufacturing!!  Keep on saving Siva!!

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