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Saturday, 21 March 2015 00:00

S.Subramanya Kumar, Coimbatore

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The Indian manufacturing is full of professionals who are very passionate about the job that they do and they very often become tough while pushing various day to day issues in companies. They are often seen as tough disciplinarians in the company concerned.

Kumar is one such professional. He had been managing Quality in Flow link Systems Pvt ltd, Coimbatore in an excellent manner and he was a natural choice to head the Work Management Systems implementation responsibility when the company took up this project.

Kumar modified his behaviour to suit the job. He started co-ordinating the responsibility in an exemplary manner. There may be still people who say he is a tough guy! But, the speed with which he implemented the Work Management system in the company is wonderful. The quality of Work Management system in FLS is of high order, thanks to Kumar!

Kumar is also passionate about training. He defined a good system of measuring the skills and training for Inspectors which is a sensitive area in FLS. Now, Kumar is busy defining a system of skills and training for the whole Manufacturing! We are sure he will do a great job!

We are sure Kumar will create a great system in FLS!! Keep going Kumar!!

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