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Saturday, 25 October 2014 00:00

P.R.Vijaykumar, Coimbatore (Nominated by Sriram V.)

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Implementing new best practices on the shop floor always involves the human element. The shop managers will have to show a lot of understanding of the human element, address the concerns of the shop employees, if required demonstrate them that the new way of working is actually possible by doing the work themselves!

Those Managers who are able to do the work with their own hands and demonstrate the new ways can command respect of the shop employees! This is needed as the Managers will have to understand the working conditions themselves!

While this sounds simple, some of the Managers in Indian Manufacturing fail at this test!

Vijay kumar is one of those Managers who does the work with his hands if need be to demonstrate a new concept. This quality helped him to implement Lean practices on the shop and improve the productivity manifold! He is a hard working person who has high standards for himself and his work on the shop! Vijay is well versed in Lean principles and he improved the shop productivity in most of the places that he worked!  Vijay gets along with the Shop floor employees very well and he leads his team in a very democratic manner!

While there are some shop floors which have seen big productivity improvements, there are many more which have not seen this.

Managers like Vijay are very much needed in the Indian Manufacturing to improve the Productivity manifold!

Vijay, you are a real star of Indian Manufacturing! Keep it up! Keep spreading the productivity principles!!

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  • Comment Link Siva Wednesday, 29 October 2014 19:54 posted by Siva

    Viji is an excellent team player

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