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Saturday, 21 March 2015 00:00

Mitesh Lohiya, Hyderabad

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Working hard at an young age is difficult! Especially when you are just out of college and your father is a business man with Rs 2000 crore empire!!

But, it is not so for Mitesh Lohiya! Mitesh got in to his father’s company after completing B.Tech in Chemical Technology. He joined the manufacturing function and handled the Plants. He achieved some very good improvements very quickly in the Plant.

Then, he went on to the Sales function in Lohiya industries limited the owners of Gold Drop brand Sunflower oil. Gold drop is the market leader in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Mitesh produced some astounding results in Sales in a very limited period! He more than doubled the sales in the region where he got involved!! He depended on very basics during this period of connecting with the Customer directly and ensuring he gets a quick solution /service!!

The Sales team struggled to keep pace with him! He motivated them with some incentives and more than the money he showed them that they are capable of producing much better results for the company.

He is making everyone think once again about ‘what is possible’ in the company!! Now, he is thinking big and wants to achieve some very big targets!!

Mitesh is a perfect example of youth blended with a strong business sense coming from his family and a ‘no-nonsense’ approach!!

Mitesh will achieve much higher results in his company!!  He will create a mark of his own on Lohiya industries!

Go Mitesh !Go !!

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