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Monday, 08 June 2015 00:00

M.V.P. Sharma, Hindupur

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M.V.P. Sharma, Hindupur

HR function requires people who are knowledgeable about HR Practices, patient, having right temperament to handle delicate situations. Very often, there are HR situations in the industry which are already charged up. We need someone to apply a soothing balm for charged up situations.

Sharma is one such cool and calm HR Professional. Even a super excited Union leader will become calm when he meets Sharma! Sharma has his own way to communicate even difficult things in a calm manner. He tries to understand the issues of the other person clearly before pushing his point.

Sharma is not only good with people, he is also very systematic person. He learnt some good systems in Rane group during his 14 year stint. He has taken that experience very well to his next companies and excelled in his work.

Sharma is now HR head in Texport Garments, Hindupur. He is handling about 2000 + employees and related HR activities. He is doing some great work there. We are sure Sharma will add value and a soothing balm to all the companies and situations that he gets involved in!!

Keep doing well Sharmaji!!

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