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Saturday, 21 March 2015 00:00

Kotresh O., Coimbatore

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Professionals keep moving from company to company in their careers and all of them try to bring their long experience to work in the new company to resolve the issues in that company and improve the processes. Not everyone would succeed. The reasons can be many!

Kotresh is one of those successful professionals who make a difference in the companies they work for!

Kotresh is a senior professional with a lot of experience in Foundry technology! He joined Flowlink Systems, Coimbatore and made a big difference to the Company in a short time. He is having a lot of agenda to complete in the company. But, he has made a great start and quickly implemented a lot of technological improvements.

Managers who have put in a lot of years of experience generally have reservations to accept a new system. Kotresh is an exception! He adapted the Work Management System introduced by the company and improved his focus on the business issues. He adapted the practices to new areas very actively and got good results from those practices.

Kotresh is having a big agenda for improvement in the company and is actively engaged on them.

Professionals like Kotresh are assets to the company that they work for and for the Indian Manufacturing Industry!!

Keep going Kotresh!

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