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Tuesday, 23 September 2014 00:00

Deepak Govindan, Coimbatore

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Finance people usually may be reserved and may appear tough! They need to implement the financial discipline across the company. May be this is the reason. Most of the Accountants try their best to balance the tough portion with the friendly portion. But, probably there are more Accountants on the ‘tough and reserved’ side than on the ‘friendly side’!! Deepak Govindan is one of the few on the side of the ‘friendly accountant’. He is very tough with the rules as needed. But, still looks at the overall business picture and offers his help from the finance and business angles. He works very closely with the Marketing people and ensures that the decisions that need to be taken at the right time do not get delayed due to any issues in finance. He is proactive and takes an overall business view rather than just a functional view of everything ! Deepak gets impatient when the business is not progressing. He sometimes gets in to the role of pushing the team for higher sales or production!! He does not hesitate to come out of his traditional finance role and enter the business arena!! This way Deepak is one of the modern accountants who play an active role in achieving higher business goals!! Business Leaders are born out of this attitude of going beyond the brief!! Deepak, carry on the good work! You are a star in Indian Manufacturing!!

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