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Wednesday, 17 September 2014 00:00

Damodar rao Repalle, Chennai

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Usually the people who work in Manufacturing industry get very emotionally involved in their work and put their best in to the work! They feel happy when good results come and feel very bad when they can’t deliver what they want to. It is almost like the factory is their whole life !Damodar Rao seen in the picture is no different! He delivered the best wherever he worked. He emotionally got involved. He is a great supporter of his team members. He pushes himself very hard to deliver the best. Damodar was part of the team which won the Deming Prize in Rane Brake Linings Limited in 2003. Damodarrao went on to implement what he learnt in a few more companies since then. He was appreciated wherever he worked!! Damodarrao is a true practitioner of TQM!! Damodar is a true Star of Indian Manufacturing with his contributions to the various companies that he worked for !Damodar is currently the Plant head in Johnson Controls, Chennai.

Keep doing well Damodar !!

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