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Manufacturing Stars

Manufacturing Stars (26)

Monday, 08 June 2015 00:00

M.V.P. Sharma, Hindupur

Written by

M.V.P. Sharma, Hindupur

HR function requires people who are knowledgeable about HR Practices, patient, having right temperament to handle delicate situations. Very often, there are HR situations in the industry which are already charged up. We need someone to apply a soothing balm for charged up situations.

Sharma is one such cool and calm HR Professional. Even a super excited Union leader will become calm when he meets Sharma! Sharma has his own way to communicate even difficult things in a calm manner. He tries to understand the issues of the other person clearly before pushing his point.

Sharma is not only good with people, he is also very systematic person. He learnt some good systems in Rane group during his 14 year stint. He has taken that experience very well to his next companies and excelled in his work.

Sharma is now HR head in Texport Garments, Hindupur. He is handling about 2000 + employees and related HR activities. He is doing some great work there. We are sure Sharma will add value and a soothing balm to all the companies and situations that he gets involved in!!

Keep doing well Sharmaji!!

Monday, 01 June 2015 00:00

U.Rajinikanth, Mangalore

Written by

Learning and Development (L&D) function flourishes in some companies due to the person heading it. The L&D function requires a lot of passion on the part of the person heading it. He needs to enjoy helping people. He should be a person who enjoys seeing people improve and flourish. In a busy manufacturing company there will be many obstacles in the path of developing people. He should have the persistence to go after the goal, convince all the stake holders and ensure the Learning & Development flourishes.

Rajinikanth is one such L&D head!!

He works with a rare passion wherever he goes. He wants to ensure the people around him are improving continuously. He designs the Training programs very carefully and innovatively.

He is currently L&D head in Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers (MCF). Congratulations to Rajinikanth for showcasing MCF in global HR practices! Among four other Indian companies, MCF is recognized by ‘The Association for Talent Development’- USA for their Management Trainee Development Program in the category of ‘Excellence in Practice’.

We are sure Rajini will achieve many more laurels on his way to training and developing many more people in all the companies that he works! Keep doing well Rajini !!

Saturday, 21 March 2015 00:00

Venkatram, Coimbatore

Written by

The Labour productivity in the Indian Manufacturing companies is abysmally low. The principles of lean are very simple and with the help of these principles, the labour productivity can be improved manifold. But, very often it is not just the lean principles that are needed. The human element in the change program is very important. Even though the improvements are simple, it is not easy to push them forward due to the resistance from human element.

Venkatram has learnt this art at an young age! He joined as GET in Sandfits foundry pvt ltd, Coimbatore and got involved in implementing Lean Projects. Foundry is a tough environment. It is not easy to do any improvement in a foundry. But, Venkat has successfully implemented Lean projects and handled the human element very well. He interacts with all concerned whether junior or senior in an easy manner. He goes about his job in a ‘no-nonsense’ way.

Improving the productivity in a project and going on to the next project looks like a normal way of life for this youngster!

Sandfits and the Indian manufacturing is lucky to have Engineers like Venkat!

Keep aiming higher Venkat!

Saturday, 21 March 2015 00:00

A.K.Padma, Coimbatore

Written by

Co-ordinating the implementation of a new Business System in a company is a very difficult job. It involves unlearning for a person and learning new things so that he/she can help the organization in the implementation of the new system.

A.K.Padma is the Co-ordinator for Work Management Systems in Sandfits foundry pvt ltd, Coimbatore.

She has taken up this responsibility initially in addition to her other responsibilities. She struggled with both responsibilities for some time. But, she has put her heart in to the work and learnt the WMS concepts in the training programs. She started getting a grip on the concepts and also started interacting more and more with the team in the company for pushing the implementation with more vigour. She successfully implemented the system to the second level involving many Engineers / Executives.

It is never easy to co-ordinate with a large number of people and ensure the system is implemented in a thorough manner.

Padma has grown in the job and now reasonably comfortable with the responsibilities. She is learning continuously and trying to do her job even better.

She is a good example of continuous learning! Keep it up Padma!!

Saturday, 21 March 2015 00:00

Sreenivasan M., Coimbatore

Written by

In Manufacturing companies which are having improvement agenda will often attempt to put a full time co-ordinator and this co-ordinator has to bring energy to the whole process of improvement. Everyone cannot achieve this objective of inducing more energy in to the system.

Sreenivasan is Co-ordinator for WMS (Work Management System) in Propel Industries Pvt ltd, Coimbatore.

He has brought a lot of energy to the job. He interacts with all the functions in a very energetic manner and contributes to the progress of the WMS in Propel.  Even though he worked in line responsibilities earlier, Sreenivasan is able to motivate everyone senior  / junior to adapt the system to their benefit.

Sreenivasan is also giving priority to the motivational aspects of promoting a system. He helps the organization in identifying and rewarding the good performers in the company.

Engineers like Sreenivasan are assets to the Indian Manufacturing Industry!

Keep it up Sreenivasan!!

Saturday, 21 March 2015 00:00

S.Subramanya Kumar, Coimbatore

Written by

The Indian manufacturing is full of professionals who are very passionate about the job that they do and they very often become tough while pushing various day to day issues in companies. They are often seen as tough disciplinarians in the company concerned.

Kumar is one such professional. He had been managing Quality in Flow link Systems Pvt ltd, Coimbatore in an excellent manner and he was a natural choice to head the Work Management Systems implementation responsibility when the company took up this project.

Kumar modified his behaviour to suit the job. He started co-ordinating the responsibility in an exemplary manner. There may be still people who say he is a tough guy! But, the speed with which he implemented the Work Management system in the company is wonderful. The quality of Work Management system in FLS is of high order, thanks to Kumar!

Kumar is also passionate about training. He defined a good system of measuring the skills and training for Inspectors which is a sensitive area in FLS. Now, Kumar is busy defining a system of skills and training for the whole Manufacturing! We are sure he will do a great job!

We are sure Kumar will create a great system in FLS!! Keep going Kumar!!

Saturday, 21 March 2015 00:00

Pradeep Kumar J, Coimbatore

Written by

Every growing Executive would dream of bigger responsibilities. Some of them may get these higher responsibilities. Not every one of them can make it a success.

Pradeep is not one those unsuccessful ones!

He started handling a specific responsibility in Propel Industries, Coimbatore and he delivered some fantastic results for the past two years!  He is an enthusiastic youngster who brought a lot of vigour and energy to his job. He aimed high and took help from the environment as needed. He engaged with the customers consistently and improved the service to the customers along with improving the turnover of the Company. It has become a wonderful win-win for the Company and the customers.

Pradeep is continuously aiming at higher and higher targets in the company in terms turnover and also in terms of Customer service. We are sure he will achieve all the targets with his enthusiasm and passion towards work!

Keep aiming higher Pradeep!!

Saturday, 21 March 2015 00:00

Kotresh O., Coimbatore

Written by

Professionals keep moving from company to company in their careers and all of them try to bring their long experience to work in the new company to resolve the issues in that company and improve the processes. Not everyone would succeed. The reasons can be many!

Kotresh is one of those successful professionals who make a difference in the companies they work for!

Kotresh is a senior professional with a lot of experience in Foundry technology! He joined Flowlink Systems, Coimbatore and made a big difference to the Company in a short time. He is having a lot of agenda to complete in the company. But, he has made a great start and quickly implemented a lot of technological improvements.

Managers who have put in a lot of years of experience generally have reservations to accept a new system. Kotresh is an exception! He adapted the Work Management System introduced by the company and improved his focus on the business issues. He adapted the practices to new areas very actively and got good results from those practices.

Kotresh is having a big agenda for improvement in the company and is actively engaged on them.

Professionals like Kotresh are assets to the company that they work for and for the Indian Manufacturing Industry!!

Keep going Kotresh!

Saturday, 21 March 2015 00:00

Sriram, Coimbatore

Written by

Many Manufacturing Companies recruit fresh Engineers.  Many of these Engineers bring fresh energy in to the companies. They bring in no baggage and perform with matchless vigour!

Sriram B. is one such Engineer! He joined Eltex Super Castings as a Graduate Engineer Trainee and contributed a lot to the Company in a short time. He participated in the ‘Work Management System’ launched by the company, contributed to spreading the good practices in the company. He worked with many Managers who are all elder to him and convinced them to practice the Work Management system principles. He is mentored and supported by the HR Manager, Selvaraju and the unit head Mr.Victor.

Sriram has gentle ways with assured results! He learnt the concepts of Work Management system very well and worked silently to promote it. He also started participating in Lean implementation in Eltex. He already started highlighting the improvement areas very well and we are sure he will contribute well to the Company!

Engineers like Sriram are the beacon of hope to the Indian Manufacturing to improve the productivities and efficiencies to the world class levels!!

Keep it up Sriram !!

Saturday, 21 March 2015 00:00

Mitesh Lohiya, Hyderabad

Written by

Working hard at an young age is difficult! Especially when you are just out of college and your father is a business man with Rs 2000 crore empire!!

But, it is not so for Mitesh Lohiya! Mitesh got in to his father’s company after completing B.Tech in Chemical Technology. He joined the manufacturing function and handled the Plants. He achieved some very good improvements very quickly in the Plant.

Then, he went on to the Sales function in Lohiya industries limited the owners of Gold Drop brand Sunflower oil. Gold drop is the market leader in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Mitesh produced some astounding results in Sales in a very limited period! He more than doubled the sales in the region where he got involved!! He depended on very basics during this period of connecting with the Customer directly and ensuring he gets a quick solution /service!!

The Sales team struggled to keep pace with him! He motivated them with some incentives and more than the money he showed them that they are capable of producing much better results for the company.

He is making everyone think once again about ‘what is possible’ in the company!! Now, he is thinking big and wants to achieve some very big targets!!

Mitesh is a perfect example of youth blended with a strong business sense coming from his family and a ‘no-nonsense’ approach!!

Mitesh will achieve much higher results in his company!!  He will create a mark of his own on Lohiya industries!

Go Mitesh !Go !!

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