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Monday, 01 June 2015 00:00

U.Rajinikanth, Mangalore

Learning and Development (L&D) function flourishes in some companies due to the person heading it. The L&D function requires a lot of passion on the part of the person heading it. He needs to enjoy helping people. He should be a person who enjoys seeing people improve and flourish. In a busy manufacturing company there will be many obstacles in the path of developing people. He should have the persistence to go after the goal, convince all the stake holders and ensure the Learning & Development flourishes.

Rajinikanth is one such L&D head!!

He works with a rare passion wherever he goes. He wants to ensure the people around him are improving continuously. He designs the Training programs very carefully and innovatively.

He is currently L&D head in Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers (MCF). Congratulations to Rajinikanth for showcasing MCF in global HR practices! Among four other Indian companies, MCF is recognized by ‘The Association for Talent Development’- USA for their Management Trainee Development Program in the category of ‘Excellence in Practice’.

We are sure Rajini will achieve many more laurels on his way to training and developing many more people in all the companies that he works! Keep doing well Rajini !!

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