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The Indian - Items filtered by date: September 2014
Wednesday, 01 October 2014 00:00

Subash Ramdoss, Coimbatore

Most of the Managers in the Indian Manufacturing are good at working in a good system. They exploit the strengths of the system and produce results. The companies would need these Managers to create new systems in a few new areas. These areas may be the new plants that they have started or may be companies that they have taken over etc. Most of these Managers fail to do this. They cannot create new systems or even re-create the systems that they are following. Very few Managers are capable of creating something on their own. SubashRamdoss is one of this rare brand of Managers who can create systems and improve the performance of the Company. When Subashwas thrown in to a messy situation , he responded by creating a wonderful Manufacturing system and improving the Customer confidence manifold. He leads the team firmly and fairly. He is a great motivator of his team members. Subash’s way of working always generates kaizens in the area that he works in.

Subash is a true Star of Indian Manufacturing !! We are sure he has many more peaks to scale !! All the best Subash !!

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Friday, 26 September 2014 00:00

G.Ranganath, Hyderabad

Seldom we come across natural leaders! Indian Manufacturing has its’ share of these natural leaders. These leaders can inspire confidence and trust without much effort. Because, they are fair and firm. They ensure that the team is motivated and they are taken care. They often do not hesitate to demand the team members to go to the next level of performance!! While they push them, they also support them to make it!!

Gootypalle Ranganath is one such natural leader! He did some fabulous work in Rane group in Rane Brake lining limited. Ranga was part of the team in Rane Brake lining limited which won the Deming Prize in 2003.Now, he is General Manager (Operations) handling two of the Plants of Rane Engine Valves Limited in Hyderabad. Ranga as he is known to his friends is a firm believer in TQM, TPM. He uses them with passion and teaches to his team with the same passion. Ranga has contributed a lot to the Indian Manufacturing and continues to do so! Keep it up Ranga ! You are a real star of Indian Manufacturing !!

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014 00:00

Deepak Govindan, Coimbatore

Finance people usually may be reserved and may appear tough! They need to implement the financial discipline across the company. May be this is the reason. Most of the Accountants try their best to balance the tough portion with the friendly portion. But, probably there are more Accountants on the ‘tough and reserved’ side than on the ‘friendly side’!! Deepak Govindan is one of the few on the side of the ‘friendly accountant’. He is very tough with the rules as needed. But, still looks at the overall business picture and offers his help from the finance and business angles. He works very closely with the Marketing people and ensures that the decisions that need to be taken at the right time do not get delayed due to any issues in finance. He is proactive and takes an overall business view rather than just a functional view of everything ! Deepak gets impatient when the business is not progressing. He sometimes gets in to the role of pushing the team for higher sales or production!! He does not hesitate to come out of his traditional finance role and enter the business arena!! This way Deepak is one of the modern accountants who play an active role in achieving higher business goals!! Business Leaders are born out of this attitude of going beyond the brief!! Deepak, carry on the good work! You are a star in Indian Manufacturing!!

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Saturday, 20 September 2014 00:00

Ramesh, Coimbatore

Many companies may have big plans for implementing several initiatives. But, it is always the Shop floor employee who has to play a big role in making them work on the shop floor. Bull agro implements, Coimbatore implemented Lean practices in their shop floor. Raw material Super market is one of the most important part of the Lean practices of Bull agro. Lean practices are new to Bull agro and the concepts are new to the company. Ramesh who is highlighted in the picture has played a big role in the success of the Super market in the shop floor. Ramesh is the proud owner of this Super market! He learnt the principles carefully from his super visor and follows them to the core!! From the day the Super market was started, he owned it up totally and made it work on the Shop floor. With the help of this super market the shortages in the shop floor have reduced dramatically. Ramesh has a very big role in its’ success!!

Here, Ramesh is being recognised by their MD Mr.Chandramohan. Keep it up Ramesh !!

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014 00:00

Damodar rao Repalle, Chennai

Usually the people who work in Manufacturing industry get very emotionally involved in their work and put their best in to the work! They feel happy when good results come and feel very bad when they can’t deliver what they want to. It is almost like the factory is their whole life !Damodar Rao seen in the picture is no different! He delivered the best wherever he worked. He emotionally got involved. He is a great supporter of his team members. He pushes himself very hard to deliver the best. Damodar was part of the team which won the Deming Prize in Rane Brake Linings Limited in 2003. Damodarrao went on to implement what he learnt in a few more companies since then. He was appreciated wherever he worked!! Damodarrao is a true practitioner of TQM!! Damodar is a true Star of Indian Manufacturing with his contributions to the various companies that he worked for !Damodar is currently the Plant head in Johnson Controls, Chennai.

Keep doing well Damodar !!

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Saturday, 13 September 2014 00:00

Panneer Selvam, Coimbatore

Every company which has multiple units across the world knows the troubles about transferring manufacturing technology across its’ plants. It is a continuous struggle to ensure the best practices are transferred across the plants, the teams in the overseas plants are trained properly and so on. Panneerselvam started as a workman in Elgi Equipments limited and grown to being an ‘After Sales Engineer’. He is highly skilled at his work. His dedication to promoting higher standards in manufacturing is wonderful! He improved the manufacturing lines, transferred best practices and trained manufacturing teams with a great passion! He worked in different cultural environments, in sub-zero temperature, learnt the local languages in different parts of the world and delivered for the company!! He is liked by all the foreign teams for his knowledge of manufacturing and his skills. He is much more than a workman. He practiced cultural sensitivity, he became a wonderful trainer without any of the training that we talk about in Cultural sensitivity and training the trainer and so on. Elgi’s work environment allowed several people like Panneer to flower!! Keep doing well Panneer!! You are a star of Indian Manufacturing!!

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Thursday, 11 September 2014 00:00

Irudaya raj, Coimbatore

Normally, in any Manufacturing company the Staff and the Managers will be running after the workmen and junior staff for doing improvements. It almost considered a normal accepted fact that senior people run after junior people for improvements in a manufacturing set up! But, this is not true in case of Irudaya Raj who was a workman with Elgi Equipments limited, Coimbatore and grown from there to the next level with more responsibilities. He is one of the most passionate Kaizen practitioners that I have come across in my life. He has unending energy to pursue the improvements. He chases the staff / Managers / Directors for support on the improvements. He goes beyond his normal call of duty to ensure that the improvements are done on a continuous basis. He keeps his vigil on the wastage in the company and continuously launches initiatives to recover money from what is scrapped!! He has the company’s interests at his heart and is relentless in his follow ups! I have not seen this enthusiasm / passion in many people in my career! Elgi is lucky to have such employees in its’ fold!! Keep going Irudayaraj!! You are a star of Indian Manufacturing!!

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